It’s cold now, but soon we’ll be into spring and summer and you’ll be ready to start improvement projects in and around the home. One of the best things Colorado Springs residents can do to arm their home against hail and increase their value is replacing their roof.

If you’re taking the time and effort to replace your roof, you want to make sure it looks and performs great with the trendiest roofing material around. Let’s look over five new and ongoing trends for Colorado Springs roofs in 2021 to give your home the best possible care.

5 Trends for Colorado Springs Roofs in 2021

Stone Coated Tile

Stone coated tile is not a new innovation, but these rugged metal tiles coated in stone aggregate are now more popular than ever. Many Colorado Springs homeowners are tired of replacing their roofs every hail season so they’re turning to stone coated tile and its resilience through all Colorado Springs weather.

Stone coated tile is available in many styles and colors, looks great on several types of homes, and is among the toughest roofing materials against hail and ice. There’s a good chance if you replace your roof with stone coated tile, it’ll be the last roof you ever install.

Stone coated tile is expensive, costing approximately twice the price of asphalt shingles but the peace of mind stone coated tile gives homeowners when the clouds turn dark is worth it for most.

More Homeowners Switching to IR

Like stone-coated tile, IR materials are not new to the market but they’re better and more affordable than they’ve ever been – leading them to be one of the fastest growing roofing materials for Colorado Springs homeowners. Ten years ago, you might have balked at paying the upgrade charge for IR roofing but it’s now affordable for nearly everyone. Most insurance carriers also offer premium discounts for IR installation.

Solar and Green Roofing

Colorado Springs is getting greener every year, and some of that is thanks to residents upgrading their roofs. Many Colorado Springs residents are choosing green roofing and solar energy both for altruistic and practical reasons. Green roofing saves you mega bucks on heating and cooling costs, helps retain water to help flooding, and can help your roof last much longer.

Those who don’t have space for green roofs can still take advantage of solar panels which are more affordable and available than ever. Rooftop solar panels not only save you money on your utility bill, but they can also qualify you for energy tax credits.

Solar Tiles

One of the hottest trends in Colorado Springs are solar shingles or solar tiles. Companies like Tesla are now producing powerful solar shingles that perform much more efficiently than panels while also naturally blending into a roofing system. Solar tiles pack a power punch, can resist nasty Colorado Springs hailstorms, and can be matched to most residential roofing systems. Solar shingles are no-doubt expensive but getting more affordable every day and should be thought of as an investment since they’ll pay for themselves several times over in the long run. Installing solar shingles can also qualify you for green energy tax credits.

Reflective Roofing

Colorado Springs is no stranger to the urban island heat effect, which causes city centers and suburbs to get hotter than the surrounding environment. One way homeowners can combat the urban island effect is through reflective roofing.

Reflective roofing is roofing materials embedded with reflective materials like silica to reflect solar energy away from a building instead of absorbing it. Reflective roofing can help lower your utility bills during hot Colorado Springs summers and help the roof it was installed on last much longer. Like other environmentally friendly options, reflective roofing can qualify you for energy tax credits.

What makes reflective roofing trendy for 2021 is its affordability and introduction or several new styles and colors. You can now find reflective roofing in more than white and in a traditional cut. Check out what reflective roofing can do for your home and community in 2021.

Getting Trendy with It

There are several great ideas and trends for Colorado Springs roofs in 2021 including reflective materials, green roofs, and solar tiles. If you want to get in on the trend all Roofcorp today to talk new materials, get an estimate, and get your new roof scheduled.

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It’s cold now, but soon we’ll be into spring and summer and you’ll be ready to start improvement projects in and around the home. One of the best things Colorado Springs residents can do to arm their home against hail and increase their value is replacing their roof.

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