Spring has come to Colorado Springs and though we still have a few cold weather and snowy days left, most homeowners are ready to go on projects. One of the best projects for spring is replacing your Colorado Springs roof, but there are so many styles and options – where do you start?

To help narrow your options, Roofcorp has put together a list of different ways to choose roofing for your Colorado Springs home and examples of materials for different budgets and needs. With the right roof your home will be ready to perform and look great no matter what the weather does.

Matching Your Roof Style

Style is important. You want your roofing to keep your home safe, but you also want it to reflect the home’s character. Check out a few of these home types and the materials that can match them.

  • Ranch Homes – Dimensional shingles are the go-to for ranch homes. Like ranch homes, dimensional shingles come in several varieties, types, and colors.
  • Craftsman (Hip and Ridge) – Dimensional shingles are the most popular roofing to match craftsman style homes, though stone-coated tile and other types of tile also look great on the hips and ridges of craftsman homes.
  • Cabin – If you have the budget, triple-laminate (TL) dimensional shingles are a great choice for cabins or homes built primarily from raw timber. TL shingles best mimic the natural style of wood shake without the problems that come with real wood.
  • Victorian Homes – Dimensional shingles are a great look for Victorian homes. You can find a dimensional shingle that matches the tone and classis style of Victorian homes.
  • Adobe – Southwestern style homes are popular in Colorado Springs and they look best with concrete tile or asphalt that mimics tile.

Matching Your Roofing Budget

Budget is always a concern and for most homeowners it’s concern number one. Check out these roofing materials from ‘discount’ grade materials to high-end.

Low Budget

  • 3-Tab – Uniform and cheap. 3-tabs roofs are among the cheapest options and easiest to install, but that’s where the benefits end. Most 3-tab shingles are too flimsy for Colorado Spring’s notorious hail and snowstorms, and likely won’t last longer than 15 years on your roof.
  • Construction Grade – Better than 3-tab shingles, but construction grade dimensional

Middle Ground

  • Dimensional Shingles – What covers approximately 70% of Colorado Springs homes. Dimensional shingles come in several cuts and colors, look great, perform well, and are affordable for most homeowners.

High End

  • Premium Shingles – Premium shingles include TL asphalt shingles, which are the thickest of all residential shingles. TL shingles mimic tile, shake, and other materials with their depth and cut.
  • Metal – Homeowners can install metal panels or stone-coated tile for the longest warranty and useful life periods on the market.

Matching Your Roofing Needs

Strength / Longevity

Do you plan to live in your home for only a handful of years? What about the rest of your life? Replacing your roof is a pain so if you’re in your home for the long run choose a high-quality material that will look and perform great for decades. The materials with the longest warranties include:

  • TL asphalt shingles
  • Metal
  • Stone-coated tile
  • Clay or concrete tile

HOA Considerations

Many Colorado Springs area HOAs require residents to install certain styles, colors, and brands of roofing. When it comes to replace your roof, you won’t have many choices but to choose from the pre-approved list or go through the design committee review process. HOAs move like molasses so if you’re planning on replacing your roof, start the design process quickly.

Narrowing Down Your Colorado Springs Roof Choices

There are dozens of different types of roofing materials, styles, and brands, but if you work from budget, style, and more, you can narrow down your options to the best possible roofing. To learn more about different roofing materials and get a no-obligation quote call the experts at Roofcorp today.


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