Replacing your roof is expensive. Even if you choose typical roofing materials for your small home, you’re looking at paying thousands of dollars. Those with premium roofing materials or large homes can expect to pay tens of thousands.

Thanks to damaging ice, relentless sun, and ruthless hail, Colorado Springs residents know about the cost of replacing roofs all too well. There’s no question roofing is expensive but are there ways to get a discount on your Colorado Springs roof replacement?

Yes, just not as directly as you think. Let’s learn 5 different ways to get discounts on your roof or other ways to save in the long run.

5 Ways to Get a Discount on Colorado Springs Roof

Install Reflective Materials

Have you heard of the urban island heat effect? The urban island heat effect is the phenomenon of city centers being much warmer than the surrounding rural area, which can cause many problems for city residents. To help alleviate this effect, you can install reflective roofing on your home or business.

This might seem counterintuitive since reflective materials are more expensive than basic shingles, but the savings come two-fold in tax credits and smaller utility bills. Any Energy-star rated reflective shingle automatically qualifies you for a green tax credit while reflective shingles keep solar energy away from your home or business, leading to much lower cooling bills in the height of summer.

Reflective roofing comes in many styles, cuts, and colors, so it’s easy to find reflective roofing that matches your home or business.

Ask About Military Discounts

You might be able to find military discounts both on your roofing material and for overall cost. Many Colorado Springs roofers offer military discounts and manufacturers like GAF can help with material cost too. Considering Colorado Springs is a military town, you’re likely to find extra discounts on promotions for both active duty, reserve, and veterans. When you’re talking shop with a local roofer, ask about possible military discounts.
Install Impact Resistant Materials

Impact resistant (IR) roofing are materials built with an extra layer of protection to resist the frequent hailstorms that dog Colorado Springs. These materials are much less likely to be damaged by hail or windstorms, but cost more than normal shingles, so where’s the discount?

The discount comes in monthly insurance premium discounts. Because insurers know you’re less likely to file a claim on an IR roof – you’ll be charged less. After a few months IR shingles pay for themselves and then put money back in your pocket after. You can find IR roofing in about any style and color that you would for normal shingles.

Install Any New Roof

Roofing has come a long way over the past twenty years and chances are good you can get an insurance discount simply for installing a new roof. What type of discounts depend on your policy but if you’re considering installing a new roof, talk to your insurance agent first to learn about possible discounts.

Browse Seasonal Discounts

You’re unlikely to find many great discounts though the ‘roofing season’ of May to September but you might be able to secure some money off if you install your roof outside of peak season. Outside of peak season roofers are hungrier for jobs and might be willing to negotiate a lower price to secure the work. If weather is above 40 you can install roofing without problems so if you want to get the best deal, browse different roofing companies to look for seasonal discounts.

Get the Most Out of Your Roofing Dollars

You have to spend money to make the money, and that’s the case for roofing. The best way to get a discount on your roof is not by looking for a coupon but making choices that can save you money down the line like reflective materials or IR roofing. With a few smart choices you’ll enjoy a great new roof and extra cash in your pocket.

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Replacing your roof is expensive. Even if you choose typical roofing materials for your small home, you’re looking at paying thousands of dollars. Those with premium roofing materials or large homes can expect to pay tens of thousands.

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