Colorado Spring’s winters are a difficult time on your home. Though there are many mild and pleasant winter days, at any time your home is up against ice, buffeting winds, snow, freezing rain, and more. If you want your home to stand tough – your roof has to stand tough.

Let’s learn how to maintain your roof over the winter and what you can do about the most common winter roofing problems. With a little discipline and a great roofing company you can stay high and dry no matter what Old Man Winter throws at you.

Looking out for Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when uneven attic temperatures cause snow and ice to melt off your roof at different rates. The ice melts off the warm upper sections but refreezes on the cooler eaves, leaving you with big blocks of damaging ice and icicles. There might not be anything you can do immediately for ice dams but take note so you can mitigate future ice dams from happening.

There are two main ways to mitigate ice dams – better ventilation and heat cable.
Better ventilation keeps warm air cycling through your entire attic which allows ice to melt off into the gutters instead of piling up on your eaves. In the worst cases of ice dams, you can use heat tape or heat cable along the eaves or in the gutters to melt off intrusive ice.

Clean Your Gutters

Ideally, you’ll clean your gutters before the snow starts flying but anytime they’re clean and it’s safe to do so you should check your gutters and downspouts. Clean out all debris and look for any clogs. If the project is too big, hire a gutter cleaning service. Clean and clear gutters will be able to hand snow and ice much better than clogged gutters.

Watch for Leaks

It’s a good idea to regularly check for leaks in the winter. Even small leaks can turn into major issues and checking for leaks only takes a few minutes a month. Go up to your attic space with a flashlight and check all corners and crannies of your attic. Leaks will shine back at you. Note any found leaks for further inspection and fixing by a reputable roofer.

Your Attic Tells a Story

Your attic can help determine if you’re ready for winter or if you have issues. There are two ways you can test your attic – a frost check and temperature check.

A temperature check is simply walking into your attic. In winter, your attic won’t be as warm as the rest of your home, but it should be much warmer than the outside temperature. If you’re shivering cold in your attic you likely have insulation and ventilation issues.

Another way to check on your attic is to compare it to your neighbors. On a cold winter morning look to see if your neighbor’s roofs have frost. If there’s does and yours doesn’t – your attic is too cold. Again, this is likely an insulation or ventilation issue instead of a roofing issue.

What to Do About Cold Attic Temperatures

Cold attic temperatures, frostless roofs, and ice dams are normally ventilation or insulation issues and should be handled by HVAC companies. An HVAC can perform an energy audit to find where the issues are and make recommendations on how to fix them. Your HVAC may work directly with a roofer for helpful solutions like more efficient roof vents.

What to Do About Winter Roof Issues

If your inspection found issues directly related to roofing like leaks, it’s time to call your local roofing company. A roofer can diagnose the problem and fix it to keep you leak-free all through winter. Roofers can also work directly with an HVAC company is your roof needs ventilation help.

Learning How to Maintain Colorado Springs Roof in Winter

If you regularly monitor your roof for issues like ice dams or cold attic temperatures, you’ll be ready when they pop up. For cold temperature issues talk to an HVAC company and for leaks to a roofing company. Staying on top of your roof’s health during the winter keeps yours whole family covered.

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