Roofing warranties, like other warranties out there, work in two ways: You’re warrantied through the roof manufacturer and you can be warrantied through the roofer. Depending on the type of warranty and coverage you want, you may end up paying more than you anticipated guaranteeing the roof stays in working condition for years to come.

How Roofing Warranties Work With Manufacturers

When you purchase a new roof, you’re essentially getting a warranty from the manufacturer as part of the price. Depending on the manufacturer, you’re covered for different circumstances and events. If you’re looking for total coverage, combining a manufacturer’s warranty with a warranty from your roofer is the way to go. When having your roof repaired or replaced, make sure you double-check what it covers so that you’re protecting your roof.

How Roofing Warranties Work With Roofers

Roofers, depending on the company, offer a variety of extended warranties that work in conjunction and long after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. When dealing with a roofer, you want to ask what type of warranty they offer, what it covers and how long it lasts. From there, you can judge whether it’s an investment or not for your home and roof. If you own your home, extended roofing warranties through your roofer is one of the best ways to ensure your investment into the future.

Roofing warranties are an essential part to having a roof replaced. If your roofer doesn’t offer a warranty, you may want to look into a roofer that does. When you’re spending the amount of money it takes to repair or replace a roof, you want to make sure that hail damage, wind gusts and other events are covered or else you’ll find yourself out a pretty penny in having to go through the process all over again.

Roofcorp offers extended warranties that will keep you covered from disaster for decades to come. Contact us today and we can walk you through what our warranties cover and how they can benefit your roof. We’re here to help you figure out what the rights steps are to replacing or repairing your roof and making sure it stays in working condition long into the future.



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Roofing warranties, like other warranties out there, work in two ways: You’re warrantied through the roof manufacturer and you can be warrantied through the roofer. Depending on the type of warranty and coverage you want, you may end up paying more than you...